An exercise in commitment

{ April 2008 }

Daan Samson is invited by TENT contemporary art centre to programme an evening in the Rotterdam Schouwburg and in turn asks the art centre to organize a debate. The artist prepares an unexpected intervention…

In front of a full house Daan Samson has five prominent figures the data about the theme ‘commitment in art’. On the large screen in shows a series of sponsored luxury products. People in the audience are able to obtain these must-have lifestyle goodies. All they have to do is get up from their seats and leave the theater. Those who are quickest to respond will be registered as the new owners of the products. Neither the audience nor the panel members have been informed of Daan Samsons ‘sponsor show’ beforehand.


  • Jerome Symons (Artist)
  • Hugo Bongers (Board for Culture)
  • Ayatollah Musa (Engaged photographer)
  • Jeroen Laureyns (Artcritic)
  • Willem Schinkel (Sociologists).


  • BLEND (magazine)
  • VERLICHTING-ONLINE (home lighting)
  • PODIUM (publishers)
  • HYPE (hairdressers)
  • SONY (electronic products)
  • MET DE FRANSE SLAG (restaurant)
  • BUGABOO (baby strollers)
  • UNION (bikes)
  • GAMMA (do-it-your-self-stores)
  • ROYAL VKB (thoughts for food)
  • SMEG (Italian domestic appliances)