Blessed are the poor in spirit

{ August 2009 }

Two culture lovers from Limburg commissioned Daan Samson to realise an artwork for their new residence. The socially committed couple confided to him how they were initially hesitant to buy their luxurious, detached residence. ‘Surely, we are not like that?’, they wondered.

Daan Samson could relate to those feelings and took them as the starting point for a double portrait of his patrons. Using the motto ‘Surely, we are not like that?’ an extensive photo shoot followed on their leafy estate, preceded by a veritable metamorphosis, thanks to fashion label Ralph Lauren.

The finished art work was later revealed by the local Social Democrat (PvdA) alderman.

  • Two duraclear dia's on perspex
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt
  • Fashion: Ralph Lauren