Christmas with Dignitaries

{ December 2013 }

Our political systems have ground to a halt. Contemporary artist Daan Samson is now attempting, by means of a Christmas project, to tackle the political vacuum. Prior to the festive period, he is creating a gift room in 'Kasteel Keukenhof' in Lisse. Presents will be sent to lobbyists, members of Parliament, experts by experience and notables.

The artist does not indicate that he is the sender of the gifts. By contrast, he does specify the names of other leaders from the field of governance. In his role as Christmas Cupid, the artist hopes to force contact between opponents and counterparts. In this way, Samson aims to contribute to the formation of new alliances and covenants. Will the Netherlands come together as a gracious, optimistic nation once again?

  • Art intervention at 'Kasteel Keukenhof'
  • Camera, editing, VFX: Koen Samson
  • Music: Henri de Mooij