Heavy duty quality

{ March 2007 }

Daan Samson makes short work of one of his biggest everyday annoyances. For months now, he had been fed up with having to dig around for two identical socks every morning. Also, he ‘just didn't seem to get around’ to replacing his by now almost ancient collection of boxer shorts and T-shirts. The invitation to take part in The White Show at W139-Basement could not have come at a better time.

Daan Samson seized the occasion of the exhibition to restock himself with a new line of underwear and turned to the renowned underwear brand of Claesen’s. The artist requested the manufacturer to replace both his old assortment of boxer shorts and his collection of T-shirts with 14 brand-new, lilywhite specimen, all of ‘heavy duty quality’. The artist is also very pleased with the 14 pairs of socks that make up the triptych. Unlike his former lot, these new socks are all of exactly the same size and colour.

  • 14 pairs of socks + 14 boxer shorts + 14 T-shirts
  • Sponsored by CLAESEN'S