Last Christmas I gave you my heart…

{ December 2006 }

Contemporary artist Daan Samson offers his audience a glimpse of a private Christmas get-together. The video shows how a select number of names from the international art world are immersed in the warm atmosphere of a luxurious Christmas celebration;

  • Barbara Visser,
  • Jan De Cock,
  • Iris van Dongen
  • Erik van Lieshout.

But isn't Daan Samson mainly fooling himself here? The artist has arbitrarily tracked down a number of individuals with the exact same names as his successful colleagues and has invited these people as his guests for Christmas. When Daan Samson starts handing out a large number of tasteful presents, everything seems just as hunky-dory as in the famous Wham! video clip.

  • Video-Performance
  • Commissioned by SYB artspace in Beetsterzwaag