Perfection is our target 1 (S.M.A.K.)

{ February 2007 } Project proposal for Museum S.M.A.K.

When Daan Samson was invited by museum S.M.A.K. to realise a project in the working-class neighbourhood of Bernadette (Ghent, Belgium) he immediately suggested to organize a golf tournament. As in a vision, he saw a select number of intellectuals taking part in such a sporting adventure.

Against the backdrop of the working-class houses in Bernadette Daan Samson transforms the neighbourhood park into an aesthetically designed golf course. During one thrilling day of competition the course is teeming with influential curators, artists, gallery owners and leading museum directors. Daan Samson, always a flamboyant host, makes sure that his guests are extensively introduced to the etiquette and customs of the world's best-known network sport.