Planet Parfum

{ May - June 2006 }

1. Lounge chair ‘Rhino' / Designed by Richard Hutten (Richard Hutten Collection) 3. TruusTrendy Hoody / Anti_Mass_ Consumption_Warriorism fashion 5. Metropolitan World Atlas / Published by 010 Publishers 7. Undressed Underwear / Designed by Marlies Dekkers
2. Klara Compact Disks, 10 pcs / Published by Klara classical music station 4. Wichards Handmade Bag / Suitable for men and women, designed by Marielle Wichards 6. Vrij Nederland magazine / An annual subscription to the Dutch magazine

On Brussels’ busiest shopping avenue, Daan Samson shows a number of carefully selected quality products. These sponsored articles are intended for specific individuals... the three currently most talked-about Belgian art curators:

  • Eva Wittocx (1975, curator contemporary art at STUK, Leuven)
  • Edith Doove (1963, independant art critic and curator, Brussels)
  • Moritz Küng (1961, curator exhibitions at De SINGEL, Antwerp)

Via the media Daan Samson informs the three curators that they have been chosen to come and pick up their gift articles during the presentation in Brussels. What are the three decision makers going to do?