Plumbing the Depths

Since his father died, prosperity artist Daan Samson lacks a paternal figure to perform Do-It-Yourself-projects. To compensate for this shortcoming, he contacted art collector Bert Kreuk. The millionaire living in Switzerland was asked to come over and install a rain shower.

In the Rotterdam artists' apartment Kreuk and Samson removed the existing shower set and installed a rain shower made available by (project partner) Hornbach.

The performance pays homage to typical 'father and son-Do-It-Yourself-moments' and is a contemporary addition to ready-made art. The question arises whether performing a private 'do-it-yourself job' can be regarded as a contemporary art act, and what influence it has when a leading art collector gives his cooperation to 'home improvements.

  • Photograpy: Jeronimus van Pelt
  • Video: Elsbeth van Noppen
  • Project partner: Hornbach
  • Launched at: SECONDroom Antwerpen