Procession of value and harvest

{ February 2012 }

Prosperity artist Daan Samson has been invited to realise the opening ceremony of the brand-new art centre NP3.tmp. Crossing the city center of Groningen the Dutchman conducts a parade full of desirable luxury items.

Different brands and companies were willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of arts, economy and the personal welfare of the artist. In a humble way, a pallet of enviable commodity goods is moved through the town center. After the pageantry tour and the following exhibition, all luxury items will find a permanent place within the Rotterdam residential property of the Rotterdam based artist.

  • Sound design: Radboud Mens
  • Art work: Han Hoogerbrugge
  • Fashion: Henk Koers
  • Photo's: Ruud van der Ploeg @NP3
Photo report Trendbeheer
Trendbeheer / 'Praaltocht van koers en oogst' / 17-02-2012 / (Dutch)
Interview VICE Magazine
Cornelis Meijer, Niels / 'Daan Samson is een sluwe kunstvos' / 17-02-2012 / VICE Magazine (Dutch)