Prosperity Biotope #1

Almost everyone feels attracted to the tropical islands presented to us in commercials. Do we collectively yearn to escape from the current consumer society? To a world where life is orderly and unspoilt? However, the question is whether present-day people could even survive in a habitat that has ‘only’ paradisaical traits. Perhaps we are only able to appreciate an untouched oasis when surrounded by our beloved facial cleansers, automatic pasta machines, and milk frothers. During this long-running project Prosperity Biotopes artist Daan Samson will create photographic artworks, drawings, videos, and interventions. Two extremes are brought together: our yearning for unspoilt natural beauty and the all-to-human wish to lead a comfortable, prosperous life.

  • Biotope with a Camponotus nicobarensis ant colony (nestled in an ant plant of the genus Hydnophytum) and a Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother'

  • Living assemblage
  • 50x50x170cm