Prosperity Biotope #2

Would we, human beings, recognise paradise if it were close to our homes? Or do we prefer to dream about a tropical Eldorado… while we are actually already surrounded by the highest possible forms of affluency in our daily living environment? Why is it that our society doesn’t really highly value those products that allowed us to evolve in the first place? During this long-running project Prosperity Biotopes artist Daan Samson will create photographic artworks, drawings, videos, and interventions. Two extremes are brought together: our yearning for unspoilt natural beauty and the all-to-human wish to lead a comfortable, prosperous life.

  • Composition with leaf cutter ants of the Atta cephalotes species and milk frother 'SAGE - The Milk Café'
  • Drawing on paper, digital collage
  • Selected for 'Publieke Werken 2021'