Prosperity Biotope #3

Almost everyone feels attracted to the tropical islands presented to us in commercials. Do we collectively yearn to escape from the current society? To a world where life is orderly and unspoilt? However, the question is whether present-day people could even survive in a habitat that has ‘only’ paradisaical traits. Perhaps we are only able to appreciate an untouched oasis when surrounded by our beloved facial cleansers, eye massage tools and kamado barbecues.

In the garden of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen a lush habitat is being created; a biotope filled with welfare products. In some cases their presence is reminiscent of colorful anemones or sea creatures, sometimes the objects refer to the design collection of the museum. Topical issues concerning nature are central here, but so is the present-day urge to surround ourselves with consumer goods that bring us comfort, consolation, and status.

Art project Prosperity Biotopes brings together two extremes: our yearning for unspoilt natural beauty and the all-to-human wish to lead a comfortable, prosperous life.

  • Installation with flora from Central America and a series of prosperity items, located in the garden of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
  • Photograpy: Matthijs Immink
  • In collaboration with: Design Department Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
  • Supported by: Droom en Daad



Adiantum sp. / Anthurium andreanum / Aphelandra squarrosa, Athyriaceae sp. / Bromelia sp. (e.g. guzmania) / Cactaceae sp. / Calathea ornata / Cocos nucifera / Cyrtomium sp. / Didymochlaena truncatula / Cocos nucifera / Cyrtomium sp. / Didymochlaena truncatula / Dryopteridaceae sp. / Mandevilla sanderi / Microsorum sp. / Monstera deliciosa, Musa sp. / Nephrolepis biserrata / Pachira aquatica / Philodendron sp. (e.g. aureum & selloum & xanadu) / Phlebodium aureum, Pteridaceae sp. / Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum / Tillandsia sp. (e.g. capitata & usneoides) / Vriesea sp.


SMEG - Bean To Cup - Coffee machine, 2021 (Design: Matteo Bazzicalupo + Raffaella Mangiarotti) / Lensvelt AVL Cathedra - lounger, 2006 (Design: Joep van Lieshout ) / Senz° long umbrella - storm umbrella, 2005 (Design: Gerwin Hoogendoorn + Gerard Kool + Philip Hess) / Foreo Luna 3 - face brush, 2019 + Foreo Ufo 2 - led face mask, 2020 Foreo Bear - facial toning device, 2020 + Foreo Iris - eye massager, 2015. + Foreo Espada - acne-clearing pen, 2017 + Foreo Issa 2 - electric toothbrush, 2015 (Design: FOREO Sweden) / Brabantia Bo Touch Bin - waste collector, 2017 (Design: Brabantia Nederland) / Spectrum Design - TC stool - stool, 1989 (Design: Ruud-jan Kokke) / Dark Crosslight - lamp, 2001 (Design: Jan Melis + Ben Oostrum) / GreenPan - Padova - cookware, 2021 (Design: The Cookware Compagny) / Big Green Egg MiniMax - kamado, 2014 (Design: Ed Fisher) / Harman Kardon - Citation - wifi speakers, 2018 (Design: HARMAN International) / VanMoof S3 - electric bike, 2021 (Design: Job Stehmann + Ties Carlier) / Louis De Poortere Waves Amazon Mud - rug, 2020 (Design: De Poortere Deco SA)