Rotterdam Blending

{ May 2005 }

Daan Samson noticed how in Rotterdam art circles one particular brand of coffee was the all-out favourite: Santas Espresso, from a coffee roaster in the Rotterdam harbour district.

On two banners on the shop’s façade the artist sketches meetings between key players in the Rotterdam art scene. In his idiosyncratic way he mixes facts and fiction, presenting real curators, artists and gallery owners as if they were the actors in a ‘play’ written by himself. Santas Espresso coffee invariably serves as the tasty ‘lubricant’…

  • A presentation as part of the art route ‘Business as Usual’ in the 'Oude Noorden' neighbourhood of Rotterdam.
  • The work was included in the shop front advertising of the ‘Kookpunt’ shop in Rotterdam (May and June, 2005).