Season’s Table

{ June 2010 }

Reflecting the lighthearted characteristics of today's society Daan Samson creates a season table. Inspired by the seasonal displays at the primary school of his son the artist brings together his personal associations with his favorite time of the year; summer.

As with other projects, Daan Samson has secured the sponsorship of a number of manufacturers of exclusive lifestyle products. Among fresh beach grass and bright orange poppies we see not only his new flip flops and an enviable design bicycle but also an eco-friendly set of pots and pans with a healthy non-stick coating.

  • Part of the exhibition 'Applied Reality' in art centre HEDEN
  • Fashion: Margreeth Olsthoorn
  • Sponsored by: VANMOOF, CROCS and GREENPAN
  • Photography: Jeronimus van Pelt and Ilya van Marle