Thanks, Remko!

{ February 2008 }

The Centre for Visual Art Rotterdam (CBK) has invited the artist Daan Samson for a presentation. With this latest installation Daan Samson thanks the curator who initiated this exhibition.

The artist has persuaded a large number of brands and companies to sponsor quality products. All of the exhibited objects are given as a present to Remko Theunissen, staff member of the CBK. When the exhibition ends, he alone goes home a richer man.

Sponsored by:

  • BLEND (magazine)
  • VEENMAN (publishers)
  • HOSMAN VINS (wine importers)
  • SJENKELS & SJENKELS (hair dressers)
  • PRAGT (business acquaintances)
  • STUDIO MAKKINK & BEY (architects)
  • ROSSO (restaurant)
  • BUDELS (brewery)
  • KAOS INC. (fashion)
  • DE BONTE KOE (chocolate art)
  • SANTAS (espresso)
  • KOEKELA (cookies, muffins and more...)
  • DEPOT ROTTERDAM (interior studio)
  • NEDERLANDSE MUSEUM VERENIGING (museums association)
  • ARTXTRA (artistic business gifts)
  • 010 PUBLISHERS (publishers)
  • TIGI (hair styling products)