Daan Samson was the second participant in Couplet 2.0, a project of the Concordia art center in which a visual artist is always linked for three months to a resident from the city of Enschede. Samson chose Andrei Haret (managing director of Royal Grolsch) to be his project partner. From September to December 2019, the two went running, enjoyed art and got to know each other better during a cooking workshop. Their alliance came to an end with the presentation of a joint work of art.

In harmony Samson and Haret created a sparkling beer, in which elements of what they find important in life are summarized. The art edition was named 'Grolsch Couplet 2.0 - Andrei Haret & Daan Samson' and was released in an exclusive edition of fifty numbered and signed copies. The arts beer is intended as a tribute to the themes of prosperity and friendship.

  • Photograpy: Jeronimus van Pelt
  • Commissioned by: Concordia Enschede
  • In cooperation with: Royal Grolsch


Plumbing the Depths

Since his father died, prosperity artist Daan Samson lacks a paternal figure to perform Do-It-Yourself-projects. To compensate for this shortcoming, he contacted art collector Bert Kreuk. The millionaire living in Switzerland was asked to come over and install a rain shower.

In the Rotterdam artists' apartment Kreuk and Samson removed the existing shower set and installed a rain shower made available by (project partner) Hornbach.

The performance pays homage to typical 'father and son-Do-It-Yourself-moments' and is a contemporary addition to ready-made art. The question arises whether performing a private 'do-it-yourself job' can be regarded as a contemporary art act, and what influence it has when a leading art collector gives his cooperation to 'home improvements.

  • Photograpy: Jeronimus van Pelt
  • Video: Elsbeth van Noppen
  • Project partner: Hornbach
  • Launched at: SECONDroom Antwerpen




Roundabout Laan van Welhorst / Sophialaan, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht


Park Ruyghe Wey, Oudewater


Molenpolderstraat / Vrouw Avenweg, Leidschenveen


Highway A12 / Exit 'Gouda', Gouda (territory Waddinxveen)


Lange Voorhout / Tournooiveld, Den Haag


Nederlandlaan / Centrum West, Zoetermeer


De Binnenhof / Máximapark, Leidsche Rijn

TheWikiCommons photo series is made up of images that were specifically produced to be added to the media database of Wikimedia Commons.

The artist had himself portrayed next to existing artworks in public space. Samson appears to ‘claim’ these objects, creating the illusion that he himself is the maker of these various sculptures in Dutch neighbourhoods, city parks, station squares or along motorways. Samson does not even mention the actual designers or artists.

  • Photograpy: Jeronimus van Pelt
  • Commissioned by: Concordia Enschede (Guest curator = Tinkebell)


Daan Samson // 2014

Of the dead, speak nothing but good
Holiday Trouvé

Frisian Triumph

Daan Samson // 2013

Christmas with Dignitaries
Spiritual purification ritual for young women

The New Showing Off

Daan Samson // 2012

Liberal Herbarium
We're Convinced!

Procession of value and harvest

Daan Samson // 2011

Samson & de With #2 (Frits Bolkestein)

Art Babes

Daan Samson // 2010

Samson & de With #1 (Ad Visser)

Season's Table

Nordisk Charm Offensiv (Stockholm)

Daan Samson // 2009

Blessed are the poor in spirit

The Direct Benefit Principal

Daan Samson // 2008

Wednesday – Daddy day

An exercise in commitment

Self-portrait as the new chairman

Showing one’s colours

In memory of my beloved father

Thanks, Remko!

Daan Samson // 2007

Key Figures 2007

Perfection is our target 2 (Sonsbeek)

Volvo for life

Perfection is our target 1 (S.M.A.K.)

“Viva la Resistance!”

Heavy duty quality

Daan Samson // 2006-1996

Last Christmas...

Bugaboo and little Enzo


Selfportrait with NRC Handelsblad

Planet Parfum

Rotterdam Blending

National Coverage

Bever Zwerfsport

The presentation of Baby Samson

Extended Sell-by Date

Training, study and discipline


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